Framessi Color Lover Design FIX&FLEX Hair Spray


Framesi Color Lover Design FIX&FLEX Hair Spray is a color-treated hair fixing spray that is designed to leave no residue, dullness, or mask the hair color, allowing the color to stand out. It is a 50% VOC spray, color-safe, and offers an extremely workable formula that provides optimal volume, hold, detail, and shine while enhancing the hair color.

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Beneficios del producto    Protección de color 

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This product is described as the ultimate spray for colored hair that does not build up residue, dull, or mask the hair color, allowing the color to shine brightly. Its quick-drying and ultra-fine formula provides strong and manageable hold that retains the color up to 95% longer, and it has humidity resistance with an ultra-polished finish.

It is mentioned that Design Fix & Flex is a strong, manageable and brushable hold spray without limits. You can touch, toss and brush the hair without leaving flakes, frizz or unruly hair. Provides all-day buildable hold without stiffness, while increasing hair body and volume​

Weight 283 oz

Free from Sulfates, Parabens


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